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MAGNETIZER’S RARE EARTH BIO MAGNETS are advanced, state-of- the-art magnets that have been designed with the most powerful, Rare Earth, neodymium magnetic iron available in the world. This means they are specifically designed in exacting sizes and strength for optimum deep tissue penetration, which is absolutely necessary for healing. Measured in MGOe, (Millions Gauss Oerstedt energy units).
MAGNETIZER’S RARE EARTH BIO MAGNETS have a rating of 35 MGOe, making them 50 times more powerful than ordinary biomagnets on the market today. Click Here For Gauss Ratings.

Proper Polarity Placement of BioMagnets

Health Practitioners: Receive 20% discount - call to order. 1-800-76-WATER


Magnetizer Super BioMagnets

Super Bio Magnets: Our most powerful Bio Magnet, used for deep tissue treatment.
Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

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MAGNETIZER Regular BioMagnets

Regular Bio Magnets: Used daily for Meridian Energizing treatment.
Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

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Negative Pole Water Jar Magnets: A practical, inexpensive magnetic system for creating Negatively or Positively charged water. Simply attach to the outside of a water container. Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

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MAGNETIZER Pain Relief Kit

MAGNETIZER Power Wafers in Pain Relief Kit

Pain Relief Kit (pkg. of 4 power wafers & brochure instructions): For Pain Relief, Injury, Health Maintenance and Vitality. Smaller than a dime, lightweight, very powerful and easy to apply. Included in theWellness Kit.
Pkg. of 4 Power Wafers
Power Wafers sold separately in pairs. (Are same Power Wafers as in the Magnetizer ® Pain Relief Kit.

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Wellness Kit for Advanced Illness and Health Maintenance: Includes four (4) Regular Biomagnets for daily wear and Meridian Energizing Treatment, two (2) Super Biomagnets for deep tissue penetration and advanced illness, six (6) Power Wafers for pain, 1 set (2) of Water Jar Energizing Magnets, and one(1) bottle (2 oz.) of MSO.
Includes treatment book, "Conquering Pain, The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism." by Peter Kulish.

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Treatment book,“Conquering Pain,The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism”:
This informative book explains the science and use of Biomagnetics and illustrates the clinical techniques known to help combat various health problems and conditions. The book includes specific biomagnetic treatments for over 150 health problems. Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

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MAGNETIZER Stabilized Oxygen

MAGNETIZER ® Stabilized Oxygen (MSO) 2 fluid ounces, about 1-2 months supply. One of the safest, most available forms of oxygen in liquid form for use in drinking water. Oxygen, the most essential ingredient of the body is utilized to cure illness and maintain health and vitality. It is highly useful in overcoming colds and viruses. Used in many of the biomagnetic health techniques. Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

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 Excerpt from "Conquering Pain - The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism"
....I got 2nd degree burns the entire length of my right arm from the finger tips to my shoulder. Unfortunately, I wasn't near a hospital. Fortunately, I was aware of both the oxygen and negative pole water benefits, had both items (magnets & MSO) with me.... I immediately drank Magnetized Negative Water with MSO (50 drops per glass). I also mixed 75 drops of MSO in 4 ounces of Magnetized Negative Water and sprayed it on my arm every hour. Within moments of spraying, the pain subsided by 80%.
Within a short time after that, the tremendous swelling went down. Within 5-6 days, I was completely healed with only minimal scarring.

Although in most cases, 2nd degree burns should always be treated by properly trained medical persons, MSO is a valuable treatment and should be added to the home health care First-Aid kit.

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Magnetizer ® Products Disclaimer: We do not claim to make any medical/health claims or guarantees on Magnetizer ® products sold on our Web site or by a Third Party. We do not claim to cure any disease utilizing the described techniques. Proper medical attention and nutritional guidance should never be avoided or deferred when there is a reason to seek help from a properly trained health care provider.


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