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Ultimate Drinking Water Filter


WHOLLY WATER The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance


Water purification, ceramic, filtration, softening, magnetizer, systems, & equipment. Factory direct from the manufacturer of the patented WHOLLY WATER ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance.
A heavy-duty, long lasting, under-counter drinking water appliance that delivers the highest quality safe drinking water at the dedicated faucet. Convenient, no more hassle of changing filters, no more expense of buying cartridges filters, reverse osmosis membranes, or expensive service calls. The most advanced new drinking water purification technology available.
It features a self-cleaning filter design, push-button, back-wash cycle "used every 3 months." "Patented design" with 5 large filter beds of 6 different filter media. Removes a broader range of contaminants and does it to a higher water purity for a longer time than any other drinking water filter. A carbon block Ceramikx 0.5 micron post water filter can be added to make unpotable water safe to drink. The pollution solution...
Whole House WHOLLY WATER ® Purification System - to purify all your water - Residential or Commercial
Also, Whole House WHOLLY WATER ® Enhanced Arsenic - Fluoride Removal System

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WHOLLY WATER ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance

"WHOLLY WATER ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance" is a heavy-duty, long lasting, under-the-counter drinking water appliance. Delivers the highest quality drinking water with a flow rate of one gallon per minute. Convenient, no changing filters, no service calls.

The most advanced new technology available. Featuring self-cleaning, push-button back wash cycle every 3 months. "Patented" 5 filter beds will remove a broader range of contaminants and do it to a higher purity for a longer time.

WHOLLY WATER ® is certified to NSF / ANSI Standards 53 (health effects) & 42 (taste & odor) to meet EPA requirements under the Safe Drinking Water Act by Terra Labs, an independent 3rd party laboratory. Water Analysis

The best industry warranty of 6 years. With a limited time OFFER, buy online from the factory. Less than a penny a gallon... Stop Paying High Prices for bottled water or high-priced units that always require you to buy their expensive cartridges.

Many of our WHOLLY WATER ® Appliances that are 12+ years old are still in homes producing great tasting, pure drinking water. The only cost is the original purchase price!!
WHOLLY WATER ® is FREE after that, SAVING you Thousands of Dollars over the years.
It can be rebedded for LIFETIME use...

We even pay you for Referral Orders...
Owners get Free Lifetime Membership in our Owners Club.
WHOLLY WATER ® Owners Club
WHOLLY WATER ® Owners Testimonials
An Investment for a healthy life...
Buy one today, and SAVE EVERY DAY!!!

Breakthrough Technology in Water Purification
11 PATENT CLAIMS of our own + 2 others.

WHOLLY WATER The Ultimate Drinking Water Purifier PATENT CERTIFICATE

U.S. Patent 5,205,932
Trademark Reg. 1,727,385

As much pure, filtered drinking water on tap as you want at any time.
Delicious, sparkling clean drinking, cooking, and ice water
with all the natural healthy minerals retained.

This high performance water purification system is the latest innovation in
point-of-use, bacteriostatic drinking water purifiers.

WHOLLY WATER The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance drinking water station
WHOLLY WATER ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Purifier retains minerals - Better Than Bottled or Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, and Softened that strip mineral ions, making the water aggressive. Aggressive water will dissolve minerals out of your body, undermining your health!

Finally, an easy to use, no hassle, affordable water purifier system with a flow rate of one gallon per minute.

Passes NSF Protocol 53 To 77,974 Gallons and passes NSF Protocol 42
(aesthetics, chlorine, taste & odor removal) -
To an incredible 220,490 Gallons... Class 1 category 75%

Summary of the water filtration tests at 20,000 gallons

100% Arsenic, Cadmium, Selenium, Mercury, Lindane, Toxaphene
99% Lead, Fluoride, Barium, Methoxychlor, 2,4-D, Trichloroethylene
98% Trihalomethanes
97% Nitrate Chromium +3, Chromium +6
94% Silvix 2,4,5-T

VOLATILE ORGANIC CARBON: % Removed at 20,000 gallons
Trihalomethanes 99.7%, Trichloroethylene 99.25%,
o-Xylene and 1,2 Dichloropropane 98.8%, 1,2 dichloroethane 98%
p-Dichlorobenzene, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, cis-1,3 Dichloropropylene, Ethylbenzene, Hexachlorobutadlene,Toluene,trans-1,2 Dichloroethane,1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethane, 1,2 Dichlorobenzene, 1,1 Dichloroethane all 97.5%
Chlorobenzene, Tetrachloroethylene 97.4%, 1,1-dichloroethylene 96%
Carbon Tetrachloride 95%, Benzene 90%

NEW! A major breakthrough in Fluoride and Arsenic removal. Our research has resulted in a new combination of 2 new filter media that will make WHOLLY WATER ® even more effective on FLUORIDE & ARSENIC removal.

We have released our NEW Model, as these two water contaminants are very much in the news.
Most of us know Arsenic is a poison. How many of you know Fluoride is too?!!! Read EPA & Fluoride.

Full Story: Arsenic - A Bangladesh Disaster! Wholly Water ® Certified Tests 100% Removal.
Having passed all tests, I have been told WHOLLY WATER ® is the only unit that is certified and allowed for sale in Bangladesh for arsenic removal.

WHOLLY WATER ® CERTIFIED NSF / ANSI Standards 53 & 42 by independent 3rd party lab
Whole House WHOLLY WATER ® size
Whole House WHOLLY WATER ® Enhanced Arsenic - Fluoride Removal System
Whole House Hercules Automatic Filter

Do you need a Pressure Regulator?

You will need a Pressure Regulator for WHOLLY WATER ® Appliance if your water pressure is over 60 psi or
from a community/municipal water supply - $25

To Order

Post Filter Special!

With Purchase of WHOLLY WATER ®
The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance

You may also add a Post Filter (installed after the WHOLLY WATER ® Appliance).

They can also be used a a pre-filter (installed before the WHOLLY WATER ® Appliance).

To order, please call us at 1-800-76-WATER or (315) 336-3599 OR click here.

The Ceramikx (0.5 micron) filter extend WHOLLY WATER's ® capabilities to include 99.9% rejection of bacteria (E. coli) and 100% removal of parasites & cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

Hytrex II (1 micron) is a particulate removal filter & water flow is less restrictive. Removes 100% of parasites & cysts.

Life Streams International Mfg. Co. does not make claims for use on unpotable water (with bacteria or parasites).
If water is known to be unpotable, the Ceramikx 0.5 micron ceramic filter should be used as a pre- or post filter or another recognized unit. Any questions, please

Note! In general, a Pre- or Post Filter is not needed with the WHOLLY WATER ® Appliance as it is a perfect stand-alone drinking water purifier filtering down to 10 to 15 microns.

ACT FAST AND SAVE EVEN MORE!!! We have a small number of WHOLLY WATER ® APPLIANCES that have been repacked. Everything except the tank bottom is brand new. The top, all fittings, hardware, and filter media are new. Some were salesmen's demos or samples, etc. I am going to let them go with the same Factory 6-year Warranty as Totally New Units at a reduced price for the first people that want them. Owners Club included!! (Outside of 48 States - email first for shipping cost.)
If you miss out on this offer, put your name on our waiting list. We get these from time to time. We will give first choice to people on the waiting list.

Wholly Water ® water purifier system easily fits under almost any sink. Dimensions: 19" height, 8" diameter, Wt. approx. 23 lb.
Comes with its own deluxe, long-reach water faucet and preassembled lines with hardware.

Simple, do it yourself installation and comes with a how-to video.

Better than bottled...
Better than R/O...
Honest, six-year warranty...
Nothing more to buy!
No expensive service calls...
No filter changes...
No water jugs...

Filters and purifies your water much like our mother earth.

Additional features:
Heavy-duty, precision-engineered pressure vessel,
ensuring many years of trouble-free use.
Push-button, leak-free quick disconnects reverse the water flow.
Unit is self-cleaning by a simple back-flush
Open the faucet and let it go down the drain(every 2-3 months).

4 Micron Rated, Anti-Channel Filter Disks.
2 additional self-cleaning filter screens.
Eliminating parts per billion levels of contaminants and unwanted debris from your drinking water, but allowing the life giving minerals to remain!

Patented 5 filter beds, premium multi-filter media layered system.
Has 17-1/2 pounds of 6 different filter media, which is a WHOPPING 440 cubic inches!
Guaranteed life of media is 6 years! But is estimated to last for 10 years or more!

Return the pressure vessel, and it will be serviced
and re-packed at the factory and returned to you in
like-new condition.

One of the best warranties in the industry!
6-year warranty!
1 year unconditional warranty!
If the unit fails to perform, it will be repaired
or replaced FREE!
Additional honest 5-year, pro-rated!

Factory Direct
To your home!
Or Business!

Call us for our Special Factory Direct Price

Act Now to reserve your water purifier and save...

Life Streams International Mfg. Co.
5203 Moore Road
Westmoreland, NY 13490
Tel. 1-800-76-WATER (92837)

Jim Fairgrieve CEO & Patent Owner
Hi! I'm Jim Fairgrieve, CEO, Invention & Patent Owner. Call or e-mail me for Answers or to Order.

Business Owner
35 years

90-Day, Money Back Guarantee if not Satisfied - S&H. 6-Year Warranty. 1st Year is UNLIMITED
10-Year Life Expectancy - Rebuilding Kit or Exchange... Very Environmentally Friendly!!

Manufacturing Water Purification Filtration & Softening Systems
By LIFE STREAMS INT'L. MFG. CO. since 1989

Product Line includes:
Complete line of home and commercial water purification and treatment systems . . .

Water Purifier Systems - for more info CLICK HERE
Whole House Wholly Water
Automatic Iron-Sulfur Filtration System
Product List and Prices
A Very Satisfied Owner!! CLICK HERE
Magnetizer ® magnets/products for water, health, vehicle, pool/spa, commercial/industrial, agriculture

We know the Water Filtration & Purification Business ! ! !

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